Saturday, January 14, 2006

Who Is The Real Threat

Former Vice President (and does it not seem ironic that the term VICE has a whole new meaning considering who the President was?) Al Gore is going to give a speech and talk about George Bush's assault on the Constitution. This is going to be the election year mantra. We see the moonbats already tagging it as illegal without a judicial ruling. All through Judge Alito's harassment we heard "President illegally wiretapped" or " illegal electronic surveillance of Americans." These sentences are the new talking points designed to plant ideas in the mush filled heads of the Democrat's constituency. The Senate will have hearings to decide if the surveillance was legal. It is also worthy to note that the focus will be on people who were already under suspicion. To hear the donk leaders talk you would think that every conversation in the world is being listened to.

Al Gore is going to blast the President for violations of the Constitution. He has been sore since he did not win the lawsuit THAT HE FILED in the 2000 election. The Supreme Court ruled against him so the SCOTUS and the President must be abusing powers. I really can't fault Gore too much. The man has to make a living and how better than to charge a bunch of dunder heads money to listen to you spew garbage. Gore is a rich man so it is hard for him to make ends meet without such speaking engagements. He could just involve himself in his family tobacco interests but that would not put him in the spotlight. You see, people like Gore need to be out in the public to feel some sense of self-worth. It is tough for Gore because he and John Kerry are the only two members of a very small club. It is the club for people who were defeated in a Presidential election by a man they both considered less intelligent than they.

Must be tough to get beaten by a man you consider inferior to you. That is why Gore needs the ego boost every once in a while. Since Gore was part of the administration that allowed the events leading to 9/11 to grow, who is the real threat to our way of life?


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