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How Does The MSM View Islamofascists And US Marines?

Let me start this post by stating right up front that I believe the US Marines involved in the incident at Haditha are innocent until they are proven guilty. Likewise, those Muslims caught in Canada and accused of plotting terrorist strikes are just as innocent until they are proven guilty. This is a standard that America lives by and just because one might not care for the people involved it does not diminish this basic principle.

Unfortunately, the MSM does not look at things with such an even handed approach. To the MSM, those who are involved in the suspected terrorist plot are being targeted by the non-Muslim population. To the MSM and its moonbat drones, even if these people are guilty, they do not represent the religion of peace. They are just a small fringe that went wrong and it is a racist America that would look down on all Muslims. Even the Muslim communities that raise and harbor these kinds of people feel the same way. Every time a terrorist plot is revealed and people captured or killed, we are reminded by the Imams that they are not representative of the Muslim population as a whole. Even though those very Imams preach conversion to Islam or death, they continue to tell us how peaceful they are and that a few bad apples do not speak for the community at large.

When Muslims are caught in terrorist sting operations, the Muslims of the world unite and riot. They threaten other countries and they make disparaging remarks about the very countries that allow them a place to live. One look at the Al Ghurabaa website reveals how Muslims around the world view the capture of would be Muslim terrorists:

Allegations in the Sunday express today that the two brothers arrested on Friday, Mohammed Abdul Kahar and Abul Koyair, were part of Al-Ghurabaa are completely unfounded and fabricated. It is not untypical of the Western media to cook up such lies in an attempt to demonise[sic] or criminalize Muslims. Indeed, we challenge the Sunday express to reveal the evidence they have for these vindictive allegations.
The arbitrary arrest and detention of Muslims in Britain today is sadly a common phenomenon. There is little doubt left in the minds of the majority of Muslims that we are a community under siege. On the domestic front the British regime have brought in a range of draconian laws targeted specifically at Muslims and which facilitate the kind of oppressive tactics we saw employed on Friday

The posters they place for download do not condemn the terrorists. Instead they insult the people who caught them. The truth is that the Western media does not fabricate stories about Muslims. On one hand the MSM reports the ever growing number of raids and then on the other it excuses the behavior and calls for civility from everyone else. We are constantly reminded how peaceful this religion is despite the growing number of plots planned and/or executed by its followers.

Now what about the US Marines? Unlike the suspected terrorists, the Marines do not get the benefit of the doubt from the MSM or the moonbats at large. The incident at Haditha is under investigation but one would be hard pressed to find articles indicating this information. Most articles from the MSM use words like "massacre" and "Mei Lei" and they go out of their way to condemn the people involved. To top it off, the MSM indicates that this behavior is the mind set of all US service members. With people like Congressman Murtha fueling the fire by calling the actions murder, without a complete investigation, the MSM takes liberties with the honor and reputation of the military. They might say they support the military but that is a bunch of horse dung. They go out of their way to make sure America is informed (if you can call what they do informing) that our military is a bunch of murderers as a result of a failed policy in Iraq.

The vindictive shots at our military are not far removed from the now famous John Kerry speech to Congress in which he says:

"They had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads," "randomly shot at civilians," and "razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Kahn." (Source)

The MSM does nothing different. Kerry lied when he said that in order to show the military in a disparaging light. Much like the MSM, Kerry tried to soften this with his own version of I support the troops when he reported for duty like some big war hero who was returning "in a fashion reminiscent of Douglas MacArthur" and that he was there to save the day. The American public did not buy his crap and they should not buy the crap in the MSM. Need more proof that the MSM paints the military with a broad brush that only has one color? Try this from a great post over at Webloggin(read it, you will love it):

The apparent cold-blooded killing last November of 24 Iraqi civilians by United States marines at Haditha will be hard to dispose of with another Washington damage control operation. The Iraqi government has made clear that it will not sit still for one, and neither should the American people. This affair cannot simply be dismissed as the spontaneous cruelty of a few bad men.

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One has to ask why it is that the MSM gives a free pass to terror suspects and reminds us that they are only accused and pleads for us not to look at all Muslims as bad people (if they even mention that the suspects are Muslims) but goes to any length to portray all service members as bad people for the actions of a few, even when those few have yet to be found guilty of, or charged with, anything? Fewer than 20 people involved in Abu Ghraib led to condemnation of the whole military by the moonbats and the Media Wing of the Democratic Party. Marines involved in Haditha are guilty of murder according to a US Congressman and that same Media Wing.

Then you have to ask yourself why it is that when suspected terrorists are arrested there is so much backlash from the Muslim community? They claim racism, threaten violence and hold up signs indicating another 9/11 is coming or that we will all convert or die. Our military however, does not gather together and threaten to go on killing sprees, nor do they claim (though they would be right) that the MSM is out to get them. They just do their jobs and move on.

The last thing that you need to ask is, why is it that when our military is accused of an atrocity, like killing civilians, the MSM swarms like Muslims over a dead infidel but they do not bat an eyelash at the deaths of innocent civilians caused each and every day by the peaceful Muslims they so vehemently defend?

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