Sunday, June 11, 2006

Where Is The MSM Coverage?

We are all waiting on the outcome of the investigation into the Marine's actions at Haditha. The moonbats and the Drive By Media have been gloating over this story and have all but found the marines guilty and are ready to hang them. We have constant updates on the story and we have a bunch of Iraqis telling a bunch of different stories. The DBM is there to cover every one of those stories. We get to hear every one of them. We also get to hear the DBM constantly remind us that the Marines who fired that day are under investigation as are their commanders because of a possible cover-up. We also have loud mouth Jack Murtha boldly proclaiming that those Marines murdered people. Murtha seems to be able to transport himself back in time to different locations so that he can observe the action. Murtha could have said "if the Marines shot people who were not shooting at them then it was an act of murder." Instead he laid it out in no uncertain terms that these men, men more courageous than he, have murdered innocent civilians. John Murtha is a coward. There I said it. I thank him for his service to this country but the fact is he is a coward. He wants us to cut and run because he says we can not win (we are winning).

In all of the fray with the Haditha incident one thing was missing from the DBM and that was the stories of the men who were there. The DBM did not get their stories because to the elitists in the liberal press the ruthless killers in the military had to be wrong. The Marines are murderers, Murtha confirmed it. Without the benefit of due process, the DBM and the moonbats in Congress have proclaim the Marines guilty. These are the same people who demand due process for the terrorists at Club Gitmo. To them, our service members do not rate the same as a terrorist.

There is a story in the Washington Post and the sergeant who was in charge of the mission tells what happened. He tells everyone that they followed their rules of engagement and the Lieutenant who arrived during the battle was informed and were the members of the chain of command that there had been civilian casualties. The entire story sounds genuine and not contrived like the endless stories we hear from the so called witnesses in the village. I have noticed a couple of things about Iraq. The first is that there are eye witnesses to every action an American takes and a village of a million witnesses nothing when a terrorist walks in and blows up the place. The other is that Iraq is one of the few places where 50 people can live in a village and a thousand will witness any incident involving Americans.

All that aside, I suggest you read the story I have linked to and then decide if these men are ruthless killers or if they deserve the benefit of due process. I think it would be helpful if they had their day without punks like John Murtha proclaiming their guilt. Why couldn't Murtha have been on one of those Congressional junkets to Haditha when this happened? Then he could have gotten a close up look at what really happened. Oh wait, he would have been hiding as soon as something blew up. It is hard to see when you are face down in the sand.

Source: Washington Post

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